Technical Writing

Technical Writing with Responsive Design

Complex Concepts, Simplified and Elegantly Delivered
  • Research: Independent research with validation and verification.
  • Writing: Concise writing with impact.
  • Delivery: Online or in print, content that is functional and beautiful.
  • "Research with Validation & Verificaton

    Getting It Right Requires Diligence. Whether writing from scratch or working with existing materials, Kuzma Technical works with you to narrow project focus and assign parameters. We use trusted resources, crosswalk links, check references, cite resources, validate stakeholder needs are being met, and verify compliance.

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  • "Concise Writing with Impact"

    The Smartest Guy In The Room Isn’t Always Your Best Messenger. Does the salesman understand your technical specifications? Are your learners captivated? Do your clients see value? Can end users follow your directions? Kuzma Technical works with subject matter experts, translates complex concepts, and deciphers industry jargon. We craft content so your audience understands and knows what action to take.

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  • "Online or in Print"

    Functional And Beautiful. Easily navigated documentation formatted to industry standards. Stylized and branded materials from Kuzma Technical will elevate your organization above the competition. Well written, beautifully formatted, elegantly delivered - online or in print.

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