eLearning Solutions

Training Development and eLearning Solutions

From Concept to Creation, through Implementation and Update
  • Agile Training Development: Collaborative, flexible, and fast to market. On time and in budget.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS): Helping you choose, implement, and maintain your online learning environment.
  • Updating Outdated Training Materials: Giving new life to relevant but dated training materials.
  • "Agile Training Development"

    Focused * Fit * Flexible. Kuzma Technical focuses on solutions-based training, developed to support specific jobs, projects and industries. By aligning with strategic business objectives, engaging learners, and scaling with demand, your new training materials will fit your organizational needs. Our flexible approach to content development means critical content can be updated to meet the demands of changing organizations and industries.

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  • "Learning Management Systems"

    Your Training Brought To Life On The Web. An LMS delivers online training, tracks users, provides testing, sends certifications, reports ROI, issues timely training reminders, and much more. Kuzma Technical will help you find the right LMS, brand and build your student and administrative environments, implement your training content, and manage training distribution.

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  • "Updating Outdated Training Materials"

    Retro Isn't Always Cool. Materials developed for VHS, styles from past decades, and outdated effects don't connect with today's media savvy learners. When your training materials feature tools no longer used, out of date codes, and yesterday's technology, it's no longer helping. Out dated training wastes employee time, causes misunderstandings, results in poor work practices, and leads to unsafe environments. Let us help you increase knowledge retention and protect your training investment with updated materials.

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