Content Management

Content Management

Organized, Accessible Digital Assets are a Must in Today’s Content Heavy Workplace
  • Digital Assets: From manuals to multimedia, icons to imagery, and code to collateral, consider your digital investment.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Getting organized; it's the best weapon in your digital arsenal.
  • Accessibility: Making the right content available to the right people at the right time.
  • "Digital Assets"

    The Value Of Digital Assets. Estimate the number and cost of every manual, flyer, and white paper in your company. Consider your investment in disparate stock images, vector graphics, fonts, and videos. Place a value on your finalized training programs, reports, documents, manuals, and marketing collateral. Knowing the true value of your digital assets... Priceless.

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  • "Content Management Systems"

    I KNOW IT'S HERE SOMEWHERE! Someone once said, "For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." The right CMS provides organization through functions like tagging, version control, keyword searching, archival, check-in/check-out, and more. Once organized, users access digital assets through a common interface. CMSs are perfect for multiple users working in collaborative environments. Sounds good but not sure where to start? Click the button below.

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  • "Accessibility"

    Enforced by the content management system, CMS administrators manage roles and privileges to govern who has access to specific information. Version control ensures current release. Check-in/Check-out functionality avoids the traffic problems caused by multiple editors. Current assets are kept available and while outdated assets are archived. The right content available to the right person at the right time - imagine the power.

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